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Dell XPS 15 9550 was the most problematic device for me

After research I’ve found that not only me is struggling with this device, and after having experience with two 9550 i7 4k I suspect that this device was released in hurry without proper QA and probably because of that Dell has introduced a successor 9560 what as far as I know didn’t inherit problems of predecessor.

I decided to have one due some reasons:

  • I prefer Linux / Windows system rather than macOS
  • I had good experience with Dell before
  • I tried to have something powerful and light (I still use Asus K95N what is questionably mobile)
  • I wished to have 4K
  • Battery life

After having this deice almost 1 year, I wouldn’t buy 4k display, Windows and Linux have problems with supporting HIDPI and LowDPI displays at the same time (link).

#1 Problem of brand new device

In many cases I have to double verify if the problem it’s not me. I mean I have highly customized system, like custom shell, own entries in system PATH, some tools what I use day by day.

Subtle flickering of screen

This issue was present when display was dimmed, it was pretty annoying at night, so that a comfortable work wasn’t possible. Fortunately this issue has been fixed with some of the recent BIOS update.

Random freeze

So when I started to see that PC randomly freezes I did reinstall, then I did Linux installation, then I started to search on the Internet if somebody has the same problem. Apparently yes, many of people. In most cases people were pointing on SSD Samsung drivers, nVidia GPU or WiFi card. Unfortunately symptoms weren’t exactly how they described. Most typical example for me was watching YouTube video, then any IO stopped to work but video was playing nice, when the video went out of buffer it stopped to play.

Misaligned hole for Jack

The problem was that, when I plugged it headset (any jack device) the right channel wasn’t playing. I had to use a file to expand a hole, so that any pressure was applied on jack and I started to play a sound correctly on both channels.


After having all of above you can imagine my frustration, fortunately when I asked Dell on FB what to do, they helped me. So my warranty repair included:

  • Changing Motherboard
  • Changing SSD
  • Changing WiFI

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Configure graphic and sound for WSL (Creators Update) for Ubuntu 16.04


This is an update for

New version of WSL brings lots of fixes and updates:
Unfortunately it’s still impossible to play a sound out of the shelf. The major problem is connected to the lack of direct support for audio devices. The solution is to use PulseAudio, what creates a server on Windows host, and this server plays a sound what is passed from Linux.

The problem with this solution is that it’s not supported:

Thanks to @therealkenk we can pull modified library for Ubuntu 16.04, like it was possible for 14.04:


In the following part I will present Base setup, what’s needed to do required steps manually, further you can find “Installation script” what does everything automatically, please choose wisely.

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Configure graphic and sound on WSL

This is more like a notebook entry, rather than full tutorial.


In this post I will describe how to install WSL on Windows 10, configure X11 to run any Linux application in GUI mode, and fix missing sound problem.

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