(From a programmer point of view)

Dell has silently released the successor of U4919DW – the brand new U4924DW. I was looking for that upgrade for a long time and unfortunately I’m disappointed by this update. Here is why.


Mainly this boils down to the I/O, especially “I” part of this.
To be precise, the old U4919DW had:

  • USB 3.0 Upstream
  • USB 3.0 Upstream
  • USB-C Display Port (USB-C Upstream)

Basically allowing to plug in 3 different units to that Monitor, and that’s my configuration:

  • DisplayPort + USB 3.0 Upstream – Windows PC (Personal) – connected all the time
  • HDMI + USB 3.0 Upstream – Windows Laptop (Work) – connected all the time
  • USB-C – Mac Mini (Work) / Windows Laptops (Personal) – hot desk

The refresh model offers only 2x USB-C upstream, so that there is no way to connect more than 3 devices at once. For sure for someone that’s not a limitation.

Both displays offer the same 90W charging – no upgrade here also.

Display Abilities

We’re still locked with 60Hz, with a bump to 2000:1 contrast. In the world where C49G95T can offer 120Hz it’s disappointing.


If your use case is strictly work related, you can save some dollars by going with U4919DW – you would not be disappointment.

If you’re looking for upgrade of you U4919DW – don’t.

If you’re new in that niche device category, and you don’t really need more than 2 upstream devices connected, plus you’re not on budget, the U4924DW might appeal to you. Like just because of the modernization of using USB-C instead of USB-B for the upstream devices can be something important for you.

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