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We finally did it: FlashDevelop is now under git.

For obvious size reasons (unless you want to download a gigabyte of git objects) only the current state of the code has been archived.

The svn repository will remind us of our long history: in 2004/2005 there was nothing like github. Even Google code only appeared in March 2005 and it quickly became FlashDevelop’s code home.

In the last few years git tool, hosting and clients have become a lot better than the svn offering (does Google still cares about Google code?) and we realize that svn makes us waste a lot of time, especially for a relatively large project with lots of contributors like FlashDevelop.

And there it is, fork FlashDevelop on github:

For good measure, I’d like to remind that bitbucket is another fantastic host, offering even free private repositories for small projects. The company behind bitbucket offers the great, and crossplatform, SourceTree client for free (github tools are toys in comparison).

Now we have an opportunity to improve the best open source IDE to Flash. Move to C# in quite easy.


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