This is an extension to but int this case in a form of a tutorial / guideline that will help me (and maybe you) to mirror this setup.

The description shows how to configure conemu and clink, and display name of current branch:


Let’s get started:

  1. Install ConEmu wherever you want (in sake of this tutorial, I will refer to an installation folder by [ConEmuRoot]).
    Preferably store settings somewhere in XML settings (you will be asked from the very beginning)
    And this is how it looks like after install:
  2. Download clink and put content from it into [ConEmuRoot]\ConEmu\clink This is how it should look like:
    At this point, ConEmu should recognize that clink was installed, but just in case, please double check:
  3. Download clink-completions (Please leave a star for Vladimir Kotikov, he did great job!) and put it into [ConEmuRoot]\ConEmu\clink\profile\clink-completions, like that:
    At this point we have ConEmu that works with clink, but no extension is installed.
  4. Download profile.lua script and place into [ConEmuRoot]\ConEmu\clink\profile. This script is loaded automatically, when clink starts. It will look after extensions and register them.
    At this point our setup looks like:
    It looks misplaced. It’s because init script from ConEmu adds own decoration, and then profile.lua tried to decorate one more time.
  5. Create init script for ConEmu. I placed a script called .conemu.bat in the user profile (in my case: C:\Users\piotr), the script can be find at my gist and it looks like:
  6. Update task definitions. Open ConEmu.xml with your configuration (It should be placed either in [ConEmuRoot] or in [ConEmuRoot]\ConEmu, if your are not sure, then open settings in ConEmu, and it will be shown on the top of the settings dialog).
    Once you opened the settings file, then:
    – search for: %ConEmuBaseDir%\CmdInit.cmd
    – replace with: %UserProfile%\.conemu.cmd
    If you can’t find any entry with search phrase, please navigate to ConEmu>Settings and press “Save Settings”
    After restart of ConEmu, you should see:


Please note that:

  • .conemu.cmd – name is arbitrary, you can name it whatever you want. You can change this file however you want
  • profile.lua – name has to be like that, it’s automatically recognizable by clink. Content of file can be modified.

I’ve chosen this way instead of cmder, due a fact that I could easy modify scripts and optimize them (hg plugin is very slow, and checking branch for repository with several sub modules is unresponsive):

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