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Docker based solution was a test how Emscripten SDK can be simplified for usage on Linux and especially how it could be used in CI in non-intrusive way.



Each tag was build from generated Dockerfile. Source of generator and template you can find in GitHub repo.

  • Base system: Debian Jessie
  • Installed packages: cmakepythonnodejs
  • Version of Emscripten: 32bit and 64bit

debian:jessie has been chosen in order to have the latest ImageMagick. It is not a part of this image but this image could be easy extend to pull it. Image has been optimised in order to have the lowest possible size.

Repository contains all tagged Emscripten releases since 1.34.1
Releases 1.34.X base on Ubuntu:15.10, and they are not optimised on size. (archived)

Tag schema


Currently latest tag is not available. Not decided yet it should point either on the latest master, or latest official release.

Version release

VERSION: One of the official version released since 1.34.1
BITS: ["32bit", "64bit"]
Example: sdk-tag-1.34.4-64bit

Branch release

BRANCH: ["incoming", "master"]
BITS: ["32bit", "64bit"]
Example: sdk-master-32bit

How to use?

Start volume should be mounted in /src.
For start point every Emscripten command is available. For the instance: emcc, em++, emmake, emar etc.

To compile single file it could be called like:

docker run -v $(pwd):/src trzeci/emscripten:sdk-tag-1.35.4-64bit emcc helloworld.cpp -o helloworld.js

This container nicely works with cmake projects

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