This is an extension to my previous post about this problem:

I’m right after install an update to Windows 10 Creators Update / 1703 and problem with scaling of some most applications has been solved by introduction new compatibility mode.

From the user perspective: It’s needed to set System (Enhanced) mode for DPI Scaling Behavior:


My low DPI Screen looks like below:





After testing this for a couple of days I fount some glitches with Enhancement mode.


Windows Explorer

On LowDPI screen: moving location “segment” somewhere in order to link it.

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On HighDPI screen: Welcome window after installing Creators Update:


Other software what has some issues with enhancement mode.

VS Code

This soft works nicely without compatibility mode, but when I started to use ConEmu with Enhancement mode, it passes execution context to every application what is created from the console. Hence when I type code in my console it inherits settings.Then it looks like that:
HighDPI screen

This case applies on other applications, when improved compatibility mode is enabled.


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